Supplier Audit Program

Quality Partners can deliver value to your company’s supplier audit program in the following ways:

Your Standard:

Where relevant, Quality Partners is able to deliver supplier audit services to your organisation’s own internal standards and frameworks with the objective of approving new suppliers, monitoring existing suppliers and driving improvements in supplier quality performance where necessary, thereby reducing supplier related risk and failure events. Where required Quality Partners can guide you through the best practice tools available to support your company’s program.


Quality Partners is able to deliver a tailored audit program, based on your company’s needs, projects and programs. Audits can be undertaken anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or the world. We can also provide you with sprint capacity at short notice in the event that an urgent inspection is required.  This removes the need to pull internal staff away from the important, to deal with the urgent, or away from focusing on your own internal quality programs. We travel economy class globally to keep travel costs down. Where travel can be combined with other audits, we pass those savings on to you.